Multiple Teams · KLAA Changes Could Be Coming

Mike McCabe – Detroit Free Press
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KLAA could change in order to stay together

Changes are coming to the Kensington Lakes Activities Association, but don’t expect any addition or subtraction.

For months some KLAA schools have talked about leaving the 24-team league, and other leagues have contacted KLAA members about jumping ship.

That is why the school’s athletic directors have been meeting to discuss concerns member schools have expressed, and many were addressed Tuesday.

“There are lot of pluses, but after eight years you want to stretch your legs a little bit and you want to see if we can do something better,” Livonia Churchill athletic director Marc Hage said. “So that’s really all this was. Can you make a better mousetrap? That’s what we’re trying to do.”

The ADs are seriously considering revamping the four six-team divisions. Football is the driving force behind realignment, which has taken place in conferences all over the state over the last 30 years.

One proposal given serious consideration would divide the conference into six four-team divisions.

“That’s to make things a little bit tighter in terms of travel,” Hage said. “You’d not only make it tighter in terms of travel but also make it tighter in terms of enrollment. We want to shrink down that disparity where you have one school of 2,400 and one of 1,500.”

For example, South Lyon East, with 923 students, is in the same division with Northville (2,281) and Novi (2,017). Pinckney (1,326) is in the same division as Grand Blanc (2,727).

With six divisions, a football team would play each of the other three teams in its division and one crossover game against a team from the other five divisions. That would give each school eight games.

All of this is being done with one purpose in mind.

“The goal of all 24 is to keep all 24 together, and I think we’re moving in that direction,” Hage said. “We’ve got a few proposals right now, and one of them is the status quo. It was a very positive meeting, for the first time in a while, in terms of moving in the right direction and keeping all 24 together.”